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The Work OS: a visual platform that manages everything.
Plan, organize, and track all of your team’s work in one place.

Making Teamwork Click.

As digital transformation continues to shape the future of work, cross-organizational teamwork is becoming more important than ever.

Employees need to balance diverse roles, collaborate seamlessly with all stakeholders, and stay on top of important milestones. Especially today, as more businesses than ever before are transitioning to a remote work environment.

However, organizations rely on disjointed tools, emails, and spreadsheets—causing functional silos and hindering decision making.

This is where monday.com comes in: A flexible Work OS, where teams create their own workflow apps, code-free.


Remain productive when working remotely.

Manage your distributed team in one shared workspace and collaborate in real- time across teams, wherever you are.

Bridge operational silos.

Improve collaboration across teams, departments, geographies, hierarchies, and tools with a digital workspace for all business processes.

Gain visibility.

Track progress at a glance and make informed decisions with easily digestible views. Stay focused on the big picture with high-level project overviews and real-time insights.

Keep everyone aligned.

Ensure a clear line-of-sight to company objectives and metrics. Rest assured everyone adheres to organizational standards at all times.

Streamline processes.

Use code-free automations to eliminate grunt work and reduce human error when executing repetitive tasks.

Balance team’s workload.

Assign and schedule projects based on teams’ capacity. Make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines and burnout. Get real-time reporting and make updates on the fly.


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from 182 countries trust in monday.com.
for your investment in a new digital infrastructure.
of overall timelines to complete projects successfully.
saved per employee per week for the same workload.

Remain productive with remote work.

Bridging organizational silos.

Gain visibility within the team.

Keep everyone aligned.

Streamline manual processes.

Balance team’s workload.

monday.com work OS

Designed with the flexibility to fit thousands of processes and use cases.


Campaign management
Event management
Content calendar

IT & Operations

Facilities management
Employee directory
IT helpdesk


Lead & pipeline management
Account management
Invoice tracking


New employee onboarding
Employee performance

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Unlimited innovation based on customized app-solutions for monday.com.

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