Elevate 2020 by monday.com – Virtual Event

    September 14, 2020

    The Elevate conference by monday.com will take place for the second time in a row - this year as a completely virtual event.

    In 2019, Elevate was launched for the first time as a monday.com event:

    • Participants from around the world
    • Various use cases and best practices from diverse industries
    • Sensational sessions and an inspiring Simon Sinek topped it all off

    Read more in the Roundup Blog (2019) from monday.com


    What will the 2020 conference look like?

    This year it's all about the virtual conference. Great talks, great speakers and practical tips on a screen nearby.

    Keynotes from Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jennifer Hyman, Leslie Odom Jr. and others, and presentations from companies in a variety of industries (including):

    • HSBC - Creating efficient workflows teams love
    • New York Times - Making an impact with OKR planning
    • Deezer - Building visual pipelines that attract customers

    One event became three (!) conferences: Sep. 15-16 US | Sep. 22-23 EU | Oct. 14 APAC

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    The tmnxt team is a sponsor of the virtual world tour. We are looking forward to your visit at our virtual booth and will be happy to answer your questions.

    You are also welcome to register directly for a session with us. Just fill out our contact form and we will contact you to arrange an appointment.