Elevate 2021 Summary

    October 22, 2021

    Elevate 2021 was a virtual event hosted by monday.com; usually, this event takes place on-site, but this time, due to the current situation, the event was streamed virtually. 

    From a single board to a Work OS

    Eran Zimmerman and Ray Mann, founders of monday.com, opened the event by sharing their personal journey and the development of monday.com through the years, alongside their vision for the future of the Work OS.

    monday.com wants to become a unified workspace where teams can run all aspects of work on one platform, aligning everything from sales to marketing by creating a flexible, adaptable, and easily customizable platform. Therefore monday.com has focused on simplification, making features drag and drop and easily buildable, like building bricks that you can use to build a model that works for you. 

    James Clark and his "Atomic Habits"

    The keynote speaker was none but the #1 New York Times bestseller "Atomic Habits" author, James Clark. 

    Clark gave insights on his bestseller book and provided insider tips on how to start creating habits that will be beneficial in the long term by focusing on your trajectory and improving at least 1 per cent. 

    With examples of his everyday life and experiences, Clark illustrated and mapped how to start a new habit or change an existing one.

    Product Announcements:


    During the past year, monday.com has added to the platform columns, integrations, automations, views, and much more, making monday.com a flexible and easy to use tool. However, the product team of monday.com noticed that for some aspects of work, something was missing. Therefore work docs come into play. 

    Workdocs help you brainstorm, sync and collaborate across teams without leaving your workspace. 

    Workflows at scale:

    After hearing their clients' feedback, monday.com will be making optimizations to some of the crucial aspects of the Work OS. In addition, Monday is investing strongly into reimagining the platform's infrastructure to increase the speed at scale. 

    Another central pain point for Monday customers were Multi-board workflows. The new improvements allow you to automatically link multiple boards with smart connection rules to let you navigate your data. monday.com has also added a new no-code builder for automations to enable customers to create the automations they need.


    monday.com is scaling its app marketplace and adding new features. On the improved marketplace, you can find numerous apps produced by top developers to help you achieve your productivity goals. 

    There will be three new types of apps besides the existing app types. 

    • Custom column apps
    • Full page apps
    • Workdoc apps

    All Monday apps will be certified and have robust permission capabilities. 

    Enterprise Offering:

    monday.com has continued to advance in the scaling and robustness of its platform. This year they have heavily invested in three key pillars: Admin and governance at scale, permissions and security and compliance, to give admins the control they need. 

    One of the biggest milestones that went live this year is the European Data Hosting possibility that allows European customers a fully compliant GDPR SaaS offering with data residency in the EU (Frankfurt, Germany). 

    New monday.com products

    monday.com has developed a new line of end-to-end products, looking to satisfy the needs of specific use cases.  monday.com will be launching four new products intending to have specific solutions with unique features and capabilities.

    • Monday project management
    • Monday marketing
    • Monday CRM
    • Monday software  

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    All sessions, in one place

    During Elevate, there was a session for every need. CRM, Sales, Marketing, Software Development, and even workshops were part of the collective experience that monday.com brought with this event. And to make it even better, monday.com provided a template gallery with the templates shown on each section to help people work better. 

    Are you interested to know more about Elevate and rewatching your favourite session? 

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