Highlights from Elevate 22’

    November 14, 2022


    Elevate 2022 was filled with amazing surprises and announcements about the future of the WorkOS.

    During Elevate, monday.com announced that the platform had been significantly scaled with the help of customer feedback and the new unique updates that will be released in the upcoming months. In addition, the co-founders and CEOs of monday.com, Roy Mann and Eric Zinman, shared their plans for the company's future and the objectives for the upcoming year.

    The keynote speaker Robin Sharma, one of the world's top leadership experts, provided a deep dive keynote session on how to innovate in these times of significant change and how the best performers in the world accelerate peak productivity in the face of digital distraction.

    Moving on with the Agenda, Shirley Baumer, Product Director at monday.com, presented a high-level overview of the current monday.com products and announced a new tool suite that can benefit small to medium organizations and larger enterprises.

    monday marketer, monday Sales CRM, monday projects and monday dev are the latest innovations from monday.com that will help boost your organization's efficiency and impact in 2023.

    monday Marketer is the perfect hub to concept, plan and execute marketing initiatives, empowering marketing teams and creatives to reach their goals more efficiently by providing end-to-end marketing and creative management.

    monday sales CRM helps sales teams outline every step of the sales cycle and sync customer data in one place, with highly customizable features built to scale depending on your organization's needs.

    monday projects gives project managers an all-in-one platform to strategize and execute any project among cross-functional teams. From usual projects to complex portfolio management is built right on the monday.com Work OS.

    monday dev empowers developers with the tools they need to plan, deliver and launch any products with management in one place to tailor any development process around each product strategy.

    monday.com also presented its philanthropic initiative, Digital lift, to help non-profits reach their goals and scale their impact using digital tools. Digital lift, helps non-profits build better processes and enhance their productivity to face everyday challenges by working more efficiently.

    As part of monday.com's social responsibility, they have donated 10% equity towards establishing this project.

    Those were the highlights of Elevate 2022 for us. We would love to hear yours.


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