Power for Sales Teams

    March 24, 2022

    The goal of any sales software is to support the team and make their daily business easier. On you can display your sales process just the way you need it and unleash the full potential of your team.

    From your sales pipeline to lead management to closing the deal: Set your CRM up in a way that will boost you in achieving your goals.
    On you can use a CRM that provides an overview of your entire sales process in real time. Manage customer data, customer projects, email marketing, lead management and much more in one system and set up a seamless, automated sales process.

    Never miss a sales opportunity again with the lead management board

    Track your leads and immediately determine if they are qualified or unqualified. The different groups and status columns tell you the phase your leads are currently in. From new leads to qualified and unqualified leads, you’ll see everything at a glance.

    Thanks to the formula column, you can automatically tell whether your lead comes from an existing customer or whether they’re a duplicate. Qualified leads, for instance, can be passed on to the sales team, added to the contact board and, depending on the region, assigned to different sales staff. This process is automated.

    The possibilities are near to endless and can be implemented according to your wishes. With's formula feature, prospects can enter their data directly in the lead management board. All you need to do is create a form based on your board, send it to interested parties via a link or embed it on your website. Registering new leads has never been more efficient!

    Keeping an eye on the sales pipeline

    The sales pipeline board provides you with an overview of the active leads and your sales team.
    Find out who is working on which leads in which phase, which leads were won or lost, when and by whom. You decide what information is relevant to you by using the different columns.

    Connect your boards with mirror columns and have the respective columns updated automatically in the linked boards. That way, you avoid doubling the work and boost your team efficiency!

    Gain useful insights through dashboards and board views

    Track your progress in the dashboards and ensure that your team is concentrating on the goals, and that they are displayed transparently. Whether via board view or as a dashboard with collected information from all boards, allows you to display your most important analyses in just one place.

    Get the overview you need whenever you need it - with the various widgets from diagrams and figures to the Gantt view.

    Integrate your tools

    The Outlook and Gmail integration allow you to automate your email sending processes. For instance, you can have welcome emails sent automatically to qualified leads on behalf of the responsible sales person. For seamless communication via the update field right next to the lead.

    Switching between different tools is a thing of the past. Use to replace your previous software or integrate HubSpot, Slack, Google Calendar or Salesforce. Thanks to Integromat, there are hardly any limits.

    Discover new opportunities with is that one place where you can work together with other teams of the company. It offers you an overview of important marketing campaigns and the customer success area, and allows for easy onboarding of new team members.

    Tailor your sales software to meet your needs: Get started with!

    Want to learn more? We are happy to answer your questions and help you with setting up your own sales software. We look forward to hearing from you!

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