Team Stories – The Role of a Sales Consultant

    February 4, 2021

    An exciting (working) life with direct customer contact

    For this blog post, we interviewed Alina (Sales Consultant at tmnxt).

    During the interview, she shares some exciting insights into her role as a Sales Consultant and the way of working within the tmnxt team.



    • Dear Alina, please tell us something about your background in two or three sentences!

    My name is Alina, I am 31 years old, work and live in Stuttgart. I'm originally from North Rhine-Westphalia, but I've been living in the south of Germany for some time now due to my studies and job life. My professional heart beats for the topics marketing and sales. Accordingly, I have worked in various marketing and sales roles in both the consumer goods and digital industries. I like to use my free time to do sports. Either in the form of a yoga session after work, a mountain bike tour with friends in and around Stuttgart or a surfing vacation in the unspoiled Spanish Galicia.

    • How was your start at demicon and specifically for tmnxt?

    Really extraordinary in a positive sense - my first working day started directly in the home office, which was a new experience for me. The remote onboarding was very well organized, my freely selectable technical equipment and all accesses were already available from day one, and the tmnxt team gave me a super warm welcome - everything 100% digital.

    • What is your role within the tmnxt team?

    As an expert for the platform, my task is to use my fresh knowledge to support our customers in evaluating and implementing in the best possible way. This means dealing with new features and use cases of on a daily basis. After all, it's all about advising our customers on their individual use cases and working out with them how internal processes and workflows can best be mapped using

    • What do you like about your work as a consultant?

    The diversity and direct customer contact. The consultant role means that I'm constantly in personal contact with many companies from different industries. That's really exciting and expands my own horizons every day.

    • How would you describe your current job to a good friend?

    I work remotely in a highly motivated team, where there is always room to contribute your own ideas and strengths, to laugh together, but also to discuss challenges openly and find a solution. As a strongly growing unit of demicon, the tmnxt team offers a really exciting working environment. In addition to your own teammates, you always have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other with colleagues from other demicon business units.


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