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App Documentation


  • an active account
  • admin permissions
  • burndown chart app download link

Board Permissions

  • Read all of your boards data


1. Install the App

2. Create or choose a board

3. Add the Burndown Chart to your board

4. Adjust the settings to your liking

5. Choose your Sprint

6. Enjoy!



  • Sprint

The chart filters your data from groups. To create a new sprint, create a new group.
To add tasks to your sprint, just add new items to the group.
  • Sprint Start Date

By adding the chart to your board, the start date will be set on the current day by default.

The start date can be changed anytime.
On reload the last used settings will be displayed. This is true for all settings.
  • Sprint Duration

Sprints can have four different time spans, all durations will begin on the day you set the start date and will last the following intervals:

1 week   or 7   days

2 weeks or 14 days

3 weeks or 21 days

4 weeks or 28 days
  • The status of a completed task

As a general setting “Done” will be the default indicator for a completed task. Other indicators can be added by separating them with a comma or replace them in general.
  • Counter

The chart will count your sprint either by tasks, which are represented by items or story points, which will be represented by the numeric value you enter in the Story Points column.

  • Status Column

On demand you can create or choose another Status column. The chart accepts “Status” or “Text” columns.
  • Story Points Column

You can use a premade “Numbers” column or create a new one via settings
  • Toggle non-working days

By toggling, the chart will visualize weekends or weekends and holidays for a specific country. The variation depends on what you select in the “Non-working days” setting.
  • Non-working days

Currently there are 3 options:

  • Only Weekends
  • Weekends + Feiertage Deutschland
  • Weekends + Holidays United States

Additional Information


Currently, when you move an item to a completed status, you have to re pick your sprint or any other setting. Or just reload the page in order to visualize your change.

Made a mistake with a status?

No problem, just move it back to the status you need. There are no penalties.

Required columns

The only truly required column is the status column, which is there by default. In case you don’t use story points or some custom numeric values which can be represented by a “Numbers” column for your items/tasks, you don’t need to set it up or use it.

Creating columns

There is no difference between creating columns via settings or directly on the board. Just keep the type of the columns in mind when creating a column on the board.

For Story Points, you need a “Numbers” column and for the Status column, you can either choose a “Status” column or a “Text” column.

Naming/renaming columns

You can give your columns any name you want/have/need to.

Naming or renaming only works on the board.


Any language is compatible with the Burndown Chart. Keep in mind to adjust either your Status column or “The status of a completed task” setting.

Time zones

The time zone is adjusted to the geographical location of the user.

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