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    Apps are the functionality that transformed your mobile phone into an all-capable device. With the development of customized monday apps, that same customizable experience is available for your digital workspace.

    Do you need a unique feature that doesn’t exist to complete your workflow?
    With our development resources, if you can dream it, we can build it.’s Work OS is made up of building blocks that you can drag & drop to shape workflows in minutes and help teams get work done, from anywhere. The monday Apps Framework is integral to the Work OS, allowing limitless innovation within

    Available tmnxt Apps

    Burndown Chart – A App Powered by tmnxt

    The burndown chart is a simple, yet powerful app to manage and overview projects.

    Visualizing the quantity of work remaining versus time left in a specific time window. It’s a handy tool to represent workloads (or sprints) and predict their completion.


    Transforming a problem into a solution

    If you need to implement a tailored workflow or functionality, we are here to design and innovate your work OS according to your individual use case.
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    What can be build?
    Our developers can build your very own integrations, workflow automations, data views, and dashboard widgets for your team’s specific needs.
    How do we start?
    We start by defining your specific requirements that the app is supposed to deliver. The framework gives us the opportunity to flexibly respond to any current or future business need.
    How long does it take?
    Building an app will normally take 2-3 days. Yes, that’s it. Depending on available dev resources and the use case you are building, the time investment might vary.
    When can we use it?
    Once your app is ready, your new building blocks are made instantly available to your organization to implement in your workflows immediately.

    Request Your Own App

    Contact us for further questions on apps.