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We provide scalable, customized app development solutions and help you to flexibly adapt digital workplace applications such as monday.com and Miro to your needs.

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Why to choose tmnxt for
your customized solution?

You need someone to develop innovative software solutions with you?

You have a vision, but lack the time or the necessary resources?

You need reinforcement for your IT or an entire developer team?


We are your agile partner who turns your ideas into solutions. Thanks to our reliable development approach and efficient methods, tmnxt offers secure and scalable custom app development, automation, and modification with a focus on monday.com and Miro tools.


We are experts in app software product development and focus on customizing solutions like monday.com and Miro according to your goals and success criteria. The unique requirements of your project and possible changes are always taken into account.


As we move toward a sustainable partnership, we offer a variety of service models. These are based on the individual level of engagement in the development process, project management, product ownership, project requirements, and desired scalability.


We guide you through all phases of the development process – from requirements analysis to writing and testing the code, to product configuration. Thanks to our established processes, frameworks, and our expertise, we always strive to deliver the most added value possible to you. We offer you more transparency, guaranteed delivery, high predictability, and an agreed high level of quality.


Our processes meet international standards such as ISO 9001:2015. We develop solutions that are aligned with industry best practices and the highest quality is always ensured through our processes.


As a company based on a solution-oriented approach and operating within the framework of Community of Solutions, we steadily grow our company’s expertise to help you achieve your strategic goals much faster.

Technology Expertise
Solution Centricity
Customer Centricity

The tmnxt approach
for custom app development

Pre-Development – Discovery

We start with a joint requirements workshop to define the goals and the project plan. For large projects, we offer additional consulting before the project start in order to implement the required technology stack as well as a well-thought-out system architecture.

Development – Prototype, Testing & Integration

We develop your app solutions for monday.com and Miro as part of an iterative process. With mockups, interactive click dummies, and development modules, we use the Minimal-Viable-Product (MVP) approach as well as Proof of Concepts (PoC) to obtain rapid customer feedback and match requirements.

Post-Development – Sustainable Maintenance & Support

With a comprehensive maintenance and support service, we always guarantee the up-to-dateness and stability of the developed solution in case of an update of the standard software product.

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