HubSpot Service Hub

    The Service Hub is end-to-end customer service software designed for building strong, lasting customer relationships. It enables you to combine all your customer service data and channels in one place, giving you more time to grow and maintain your customer base. 

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    Provide your customers
    with first class support


    Save time

    Nowadays customers expect personalised service 24/7. The Service Hub allows you to automate manual tasks, use smart ticketing and free up valuable time to build strong customer relations.


    Increase customer satisfaction

    Growing customer expectations are hard to please when resources are limited. The Service Hub has got your back with state-of-the-art service features your team and your customers will love.

    Bundle knowledge

    Losing time dealing with recurring issues and questions from customers? Create a comprehensive knowledge base with bundled Q&As for your customers in the Service Hub.


    Optimise reporting

    Are you looking to improve your customer service but aren’t sure how? Data is the answer, and the Service Hub will give it to you with data-backed reports and a customised dashboard to measure team performance.

     Make smarter decisions

    Reduce business risks and improve planning with the help of comprehensive forecasting in the Service Hub. Professionalise your decision making processes and give managers insights into projected performance.


    Deepen customer relationships

    With growing customer demands, delivering outstanding, personalised customer service is becoming more and more challenging. The Service Hub’s gives your team all the tools they need to go that extra mile that your customers will remember.

    Service Hub
    Manage requests rapidly

    Live Chat
    Meet your customers where they are through contextual conversations in the Live Chat feature on your website.
    Automated Customer Service
    Set up automation processes for unnecessary manual tasks and free up your team’s time for solving customer problems.
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    Help Desk Automation
    Bye bye manual data entry, hello smart help desk: Ticket routing and automatic prioritisation boost efficiency and structure.
    Team Management
    Enhance workflows and processes in your team by managing roles and access permissions, and add status and availability.
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    Customer Feedback Surveys
    Conduct NPS, CSAT, CES, and custom surveys to collect feedback. Enhance customer happiness based on the data.
    VoIP Calling
    Call customers directly from the HubSpot platform using VoIP software and benefit from call logging and analytics.
    Fully integrated CRM
    Benefit from one source for all customer details and interaction history which is at the fingertips of your entire team.
    Conversational AI
    Let the Service hub automatically capture details from every call and tap into growth opportunities based on AI-driven insights.


    We cover a 360° approach of strategy, planning, implementation, and subsequent operation.
    We set up and implement your full HubSpot suite, taking care of every detail for a smooth operation. In addition, we provide you with all the necessary information to get started with Hubspot.
    Do you know all the functionalities of Hubspot? Get expert insights and learn how to take your business to a new level using every Hubspot capability. We offer both team workshops and individual training sessions.
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    We offer strategic planning for Sales and Marketing Teams. We make sure that you will reach your business goals on a timely basis. In addition, we support you in creating and implementing marketing campaigns.

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